About us

SÜLZLE KOPF SynGas – For a clean environment

KOPF SynGas is a joint venture of the two medium-sized company groups SÜLZLE and AVAT Automation. SÜLZLE KOPF SynGas thermal sewage sludge utilisation is a flexible and future-proof process for the effective generation of energy from sewage sludge. The innovative technology is characterised by a particularly compact plant design, which enables economic utilisation directly at the point of origin, even with small quantities of sludge. With SynGas, sewage sludge is regarded as a resource that is valuable in many ways and must be exploited.

Through decentralised sewage sludge utilisation and on-site energy use, not only is a CO2-neutral energy source utilised, but also the emission of pollutants through sewage sludge transports is extremely reduced. In this way, we contribute to climate protection and strengthen regional value creation.

SÜLZLE KOPF and SÜLZLE KLEIN – everything from a single source

The focus is on environmentally friendly and innovative processes that are also economically convincing. SÜLZLE KOPF, SÜLZLE KLEIN and SÜLZLE KOPF SynGas therefore work hand in hand and interdisciplinary on concepts for mechanical and thermal sewage sludge treatment and energy utilisation.

Abbildung 1: Vollständige Abdeckung der Klärschlammbehandlungskette durch SÜLZLE KOPF, SÜLZLE KLEIN und SÜLZLE KOPF SynGas.