15. Global CemFuels Conference in Lisbon


On September 14 and 15 2022, the Global CemFuels Conference will take place in Lisbon for the 15th time. It is the most important conference for alternative fuels in the cement and lime industry. The event is organized by the world’s leading cement manufacturing magazine, Global Cement Magazine.

The extremely important raw materials cement and lime are produced in very energy-intensive processes that are responsible for a significant proportion of global CO2 emissions. An important role is played here by the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas and lignite, which are burned in large quantities during production.

The KOPF SynGas gasification process makes it possible to substitute fossil fuels in energy-intensive manufacturing processes with a CO2-neutral syngas without negatively affecting production quality. The process converts the combustible components of solid biogenic fuels, such as dried sewage sludge, into a reactive gas that can be used in the manufacturing process. At the same time, non-combustible fractions or ashes are separated to prevent contamination of the products. The SynGas process is characterized here by its flexibility to utilize different types of biomass or biogenic residues, thus ensuring corresponding security of supply.

Coupling the SynGas process with energy-intensive industrial processes results in further interesting synergies. On the one hand, existing local infrastructures such as flue gas purification plants can be put to good use, thus saving valuable resources. The recycling of phosphorus-containing ash into the nutrient cycle also makes an important contribution to a sustainable circular economy.