Sewage plant operator

Sewage plant operators

Municipalities, public utilities and wastewater associations as well as operators of industrial sewage treatment plants are facing various challenges regarding sewage sludge management.

Our technology for generating synthesis gas from sewage sludge enables sewage plant operators to thermally utilise sewage sludge in an energy-neutral way directly at the place of origin.

Energy-neutral thermal sewage sludge utilisation

The energy generated from the thermal utilisation of our synthesis gas is sufficient for the operation of a sewage sludge dryer. By coupling the drying and gasification processes, sewage sludge utilization can be energy-neutral. This eliminates the use of fossil fuels such as natural gas for drying. If waste heat or foul gas is already available at the site and can be used for the drying, additional heat or even electicity can be generated with our technology from the gasification process.

CO2 and cost reduction due to elimination of sewage sludge transports

Due to the lower volumetric mass flows of the synthesis gas, our technology can be installed on a comparatively compact area and thus integrated decentrally into the sewage treatment plant. In addition, economical operation is already possible with annual sewage sludge quantities of approx. 5,000 t/a (90%TS).

This eliminates the need for regular sludge transports to treatment plants that are often far away from the sewage treatment plant. The saved transport costs contribute to accelerating the payback of an investment in our technology and on top transport related CO2 emissions are avoided.

Independence from fossil energy sources, external service providers and energy prices

An investment in our technology means long-term planning security and independence from fossil energy sources, energy price developments and external service providers for sewage sludge utilisation.

Fulfilment of the requirements for phosphorus recovery

The phosphorus contained in the sewage sludge is separated from the synthesis gas in our process and is provided in an ash that can be further processed for phosphorus recovery. Thereby all legal requirements, the legal requirements for phosphorus recovery according to German and Swiss ordinance for sewage sludge treatment are fulfilled.

Our products:

SynGas Heat Module

SynGas combined heat and power plant module

Fields of application

Our technology is predestined for decentralised use directly at the sewage sludge drying site

  • Operators of municipal sewage treatment plants (public utilities, sewage treatment plants, sewage associations)
  • Operators of industrial sewage treatment plants
  • Operators of sewage sludge dryers

Further prerequisites are necessary for feasibility. We would be happy to check the feasibility of your project together with you. Simply get in touch with our contact person directly.

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