Sewage sludge utilisation as part of the circular economy

SÜLZLE KOPF SynGas thermal sewage sludge utilization is a flexible and future-proof process for the effective generation of energy from sewage sludge.

1. Generate energy

Sewage sludge is rich in energy, which is released in the KOPF SynGas process and made flexibly usable by different technology modules. The fuel gas module enables the energy recovered in the synthesis gas to be used for auxiliary firing in an existing industrial plant.
The heat module and CHP module, on the other hand, contain the complete power plant technology for the decentralized generation of heat or electricity.

2. Make nutrients available

The nutrient phosphorus is present in high concentration in the ash produced in the KOPF SynGas process. Phosphorus is an elementary and vital component of all natural organisms and is thus directly responsible for bone and plant growth, for example. Due to limited and dwindling reserves worldwide, a return of phosphorus into the natural material cycle is indispensable. In the Kopf SynGas process, this is made possible by using the ash as a natural raw material for mineral fertilizers.

3. Eliminate pollutants

During wastewater treatment in the sewage treatment plant, a large number of different pollutants remain in the sewage sludge. These include organic
substances such as viruses, hormones and worm eggs, as well as industrial toxins, heavy metals, drug residues and microplastics. In the KOPF SynGas process, these pollutants are thermally destroyed and finally separated in the various purification stages. This ensures that they are removed from the
material cycle and no longer pose a danger to humans or the environment.