SÜLZLE KOPF SynGas process


Environmentally friendly. Economical. Forward-looking

SÜLZLE KOPF SynGas technology is a thermal sewage sludge recycling process for generating a combustible synthesis gas that can be flexibly utilised for energy:

  • Fuel Gas Module: Integration of the SÜLZLE KOPF SynGas technology into an existing infrastructure for the use of the synthesis gas as substitute fuel (e.g. cement production, power plants, waste incineration plants)
  • Heat/CHP module: Generation of heat and electricity for decentralised and energy-neutral sewage sludge recycling directly on the sewage treatment plant site (municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants)
  • Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ash to meet legal requirements

For people and the environment

An intact, clean environment and low energy consumption are elementary expressions of quality of life and a smart philosophy of life.
SÜLZLE KOPF SynGas and SÜLZLE KLEIN therefore work hand in hand for environmentally friendly, interdisciplinary concepts that are also economically convincing.