SÜLZLE KOPF SynGas supports Lebenshilfe Tübingen e.V.

Donation on the occasion of the 140th company anniversary of the SÜLZLE Group


As part of the company’s 140th anniversary, SÜLZLE KOPF SynGas donates 1,400 euros to Lebenshilfe Tübingen e.V., which works for the inclusion of people with disabilities or impairments in all areas of life. Their goal is to enable people with disabilities to lead independent and self-determined lives and to support their relatives and friends. The donation will be used for a new kitchen in the Bildungshaus, which will be wheelchair accessible and barrier-free. The Bildungshaus is a meeting place for everyone – whether with or without a disability. In the current situation of the pandemic, the house gains additional importance, as people with disabilities in particular suffer greatly from social isolation. Nothing connects people as quickly as cooking together and being together at the table. The kitchen is therefore the central point of contact for many of the activities. The previous kitchen is now almost 30 years old. The electrical appliances in particular need to be renewed and replaced with energy-saving appliances.