SÜLZLE supports the Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima

SÜLZLE supports the Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima

Since march 2020 the SÜLZLE Group is a member of  “Alliance for Development and Climate”. This broad-based social alliance works on behalf of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development to implement Agenda 2030.

With more than 650 supporters, its vision is to form an “effective alliance of strong, non-state actors” that “assumes responsibility for development and climate protection on a voluntary basis – for present and future generations. It focuses on the 17 goals of the Agenda, which include ending global poverty and famine, access to high-quality education and clean water, climate protection and a healthy life for all people.

Allianz is relying on the leverage effect of CO2 compensation projects in developing and emerging countries: renewable energies, job-creating and climate-friendly agriculture and forestry, and forest conservation will reverse the trend in climate protection and at the same time boost investment and employment.

SÜLZLE is pleased to be part of this strong alliance of companies, associations, public authorities, project developers, compensation providers and civil society and is convinced that this joint approach is not only successful but indispensable. At the same time, SÜLZLE will also reduce its own CO2 footprint step by step and thus become climate neutral as soon as possible.

Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima

Alliance for sustainable development and global climate protection.

As a widely based alliance of society, the Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima is voluntarily committed to the implementation of the Paris Climate Treaty and Agenda 2030, focusing on global carbon offsetting in developing and emerging countries.

Goals of the alliance

  • Recognition of compensation for emissions by policymakers that goes beyond the Paris commitments
  • Enormous growth of the emissions trading market on a voluntary basis
  • Optimisation of the political and institutional foundations
  • Documentation and communication of compensation measures already made
  • Raising funds for climate protection and development
  • Support and guidance for Alliance members
  • Platform for the exchange of experience, collection and dissemination of knowledge
  • Creation of a network of the various stakeholders
  • Globalisation of the whole approach

Agenda 2030

Goals for sustainable development

“Climate protection is a matter of survival for mankind. We must set the course today, nationally and globally, so that development becomes sustainable worldwide. With Allianz, we are mobilizing additional funds for development and climate protection.“

Dr. Gerd Müller, Federal Minister for Economic Cooperation and Development

Website of the Allianz für Entwicklung und Klima