SynGas Heat Modul

Compared to the CHP module, the SynGas heat module is a simplified and more favorable utilization plant, which has been optimized especially for the operation of a sewage sludge dryer.
In this process, the energy of the sewage sludge is completely converted into heat, so that the entire system of sewage sludge drying and utilization can be thermally self-sufficient.

Advantages of SynGas Heat Module

  • compact plant layout
  • optimized for the operation of a sewage sludge dryer
  • complete utilization of thermal energy
  • two-stage combustion enables higher tolerance of fuel moisture content
  • possible feed into a heat network

Process description Heat Module

Thermal utilization

Thermal treatment
1) Sewage sludge with a dry content of 85 – 95%.
2) Limestone for admixture as the first desulfurization stage.
3) Sub-stoichiometric incineration at 870 °C to produce synthesis gas – destruction of all organic toxins.
4) Discharge and cooling of the phosphorus-rich and virtually carbon-free ash granules.

Synthesis gas purification and cooling
5) coarse dedusting of syngas in a cyclone separator
6) Heat recovery from syngas for heating the burner supply air
7) Fine dedusting of the synthesis gas

Combustion of the gas and heat extraction
8) Combustion of the dedusted and cooled synthesis gas
9) Urea injection to reduce nitrogen emissions
10) heat extraction from the combustion chamber

Wet flue gas cleaning and cooling
11) Adsorbent for trapping heavy metals in the entrained stream
12) Fine filter for discharge of heavy metal particles
13) Quencher for flue gas cooling
14) Alkaline scrubber to reduce sulfur compounds