SynGas sewage sludge gasification plant in Koblenz

Our newest and most modern plant is currently being commissioned on the site of the Koblenz wastewater treatment plant. Apart from a few customer-specific adaptations, this is a SynGas CHP Module with highly efficient power generation from dried sewage sludge.

Technical Data:

  • Throughput
  • Gasifying medium
  • Gasifier temperature
  • Firing capacity, sludge
  • Power generation
  • Heat generation
  • Dryer
  • Plant Footprint
  • Plant Height
  • 4.000 t/a DS
  • Air
  • 850 – 900 °C
  • 1,8 MWth
  • 425 kW
  • 535 kW
  • Belt dryer type Pro-Dry® from SÜLZLE KLEIN
  • 330 m²
  • 15 m

The EU-Project

The commissioning of this plant completes the final stage of the innovative sewage sludge treatment concept in the EU project “SusTreat”. On the basis of this lighthouse project, the large-scale technical demonstration of this new solution for the complete development and use of the energy potential inherent in wastewater and sewage sludge in municipal sewage treatment plants is to take place. Individual modular solutions that make optimal use of internal energy flows are intelligently combined. While CO2-neutral energy sources like sewage sludge and the digester gas are available at the wastewater treatment plant, their energy potential is often is not fully exploited: a considerable amount of energy is still available in the sewage sludge after the digestion process.

With the KOPF SynGas process, combined with the drying process of SÜLZLE KLEIN, the remaining energy potential of the sludge can be exploited for the wastewater treatment plant.

Thanks to the innovative sewage sludge treatment solution from KOPF SynGas and SÜLZLE KLEIN, the Koblenz sewage treatment plant will soon be able to treat the incoming wastewater supplied in an energetically self-sufficient manner. The wastewater treatment plant already produces part of the required energy itself by operating a CHP plant supplied by digester gas. As soon as the sewage sludge gasification plant from KOPF SynGas with the CHP module is put into operation, the existing energy gap in the wastewater treatment process will be closed.